Equipment List

Digital Recorders / Devices:
Presonus Quantum 4848
Tascam MX2424 24 Track Digital Hard Disc Recorder 
     with 24 Channel analog card and 24 channel Adat card
Tascam MX2424 24 Track Digital Hard Disc Recorder 
     with 24 Channel analog card and 24 channel Adat card
     (the 2 MX2424's are sample locked to permit 
       48 channels of recording and playback)
M-Audio ProFire 32 channels Adat inputs/outputs to Firewire
     24 channels of analog to/from firewire via the MX2424
Presonus Firebox, 24 bit Firewire interface
Echo Layla, 20 Bit PCI interface
Tascam DA 20 DAT Recorder
Casio DA R100 Portable DAT Recorder
Sony DTC DAT Recorder
Zoom H2 handheld portable recorder
Analog Recorders / Reproducers:
Tascam MSR16S 16 Track Analog recorder Dolby S
Otari MX5050 2 Track ¼” ½ Track
TEAC 3340S 4 Track ¼” With Dolby Unit
Akai ¼” ¼ Track
Mixing Console:
Tascam M3700 32/32/8 with onboard Automation.
QSC Touchmix 16 (location recording)
Mission Pro SM6P
Yamaha NS10M
Auratone 5C
Toft ATC-2 2 Channel Mic Pre/compressor/EQ
Bellari RP520 2 Channel Valve Mic Pre
ART TPS II 2 Channel Tube Mic Pre
Studio Projects VTB1 Tube Mic Pre, 5 off
PreSonus Bluetube 2 Channel Mic Pre
M-Audio DMP3 2 channel Mic Pre, 2 off
Behringer Ultragain Pro MIC2200 2 channel Tube Mic Pre
Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 Mic Pre
TL Audio 5021 2 Channel Valve Compressor
TL Audio / HHB, Fat Man Stereo Valve Compressor, 2 off
Bellari RP583 2 Channel Valve Compressor
FMR RNC Stereo Compressor, 2 off
DBX 163A Compressor
DBX 163X Compressor, 2 off
Yamaha GC2020
Alesis 3630 2 channel compressor / gate, 3 off
Behringer Composer 2 Channel Compressor/ limiter, 2 off
Alesis Microlimiter Compressor
Effects Units:
Lexicon Reflex Reverb Unit
Yamaha SPX90 Reverb Unit
Zoom 9120 Effects Unit
Alesis Microverb 1 Reverb
Alesis Microverb 2 Reverb
Idanez HD1000, Harmonics / Delay
Other Outboard:
Slapback Audio, Scintillator
Behringer Ultrafex 2 Enhancer
Behringer DE2000 De-esser
Behringer Intelligate 2 Channel Expander/Gate/Ducker
Behringer Autoquad 4 Channel Noise gate
Behringer Ultra Q 5 Band parametric EQ
Tascam PE40 4 Channel Parametric EQ
Alesis EQ31 31 Band EQ
Presonus EQ3B
AKG C4000B
AKG D330
AKG D320
AKG D310, 2 off
AKG D112
Audio Technica AT3525, 3 off
Audio Technica AT2010, 2 off
Beyerdynamic M200
CAD Trion 8000
Fathead Ribbon, OPR, 2 off
K-Micro Silver Bullets Matched Pair 
MXL R40 Ribbon 2 off
MXL V67Q (stereo mic)
Rode NT 1000, 2 off
Rode NT 1 (early prototype Neumann Style), 2 off
Rode NT2 (early prototype Neumann Style)
Sennheiser ME80, 3 off
Sennheiser ME40, 5 off
Sennheiser ME20, 2 off
Sennheiser MD421, 2 off
Shure SM57, 2 off
Shure SM58, 5 off
Sontronics STC 3X
Marshall JTM30 Guitar Combo
Fender Frontman 65R
Gallien Kruger 800RB Bass Head
Fender Rumble V3 500 (2 x 10")
Crate BT25 Bass combo (1 x 10")
EV TL bass 15" bass Cab x 2
Fender Rumble 2 x 10" Bass Cab
Lorantz Bass Cab 2 x 10"
        Acoustic Guitars:
Ibanez 6 String
Fender 12 String
Bass Guitars:
Fender Precision 1975
Fender Acoustic Precision with Fretless Jazz Neck 1989
Fender Jazz Fretless MIJ 1994
Ibanez BTB 5 String
Ibanez SRF 705 5 String Fretless
Ludwig 1964 Black Pearl (Ringo Kit) with 1954 Snare, Zildjian and Paste Cymbals.
Keyboards / Modules:
Korg N5ex
Korg X50
Roland Saturn 6 Organ
Casio CZ101 Synth
ARP Solina Strings
Keyboard controller
Proteus 1
Proteus 2
Drum Machines:
Roland / Boss DR202 Dr Groove
Samplers / Sequencers:
Akai MPC1000 Sampling production station
Roland / Boss SP202 Dr Sample
Atari 1040 ST With Emagic Unitor; Creator software
Plus lots of other great stuff laying around.