In the Studio & Live

Kathy Carver:  Has been recording an album of cover songs to sell at gigs.  After a false start last year due to a bad flu, the project has now been recorded and most of the mixing finished.  Mastering should happen soon.

Graham Shultz:  We are now close to finishing this album, a few more tracks to be substituted for new versions and the mixing will be complete.

Mark Edwards: The album is ticking along, a couple of weeks ago we did a location recording of the grand piano parts, and tracked some accordion, guitar and vocals in the studio.

In the live sound world: I am still mixing on Wednesdays at the Gaslight Club in the Fly By Night in Fremantle, plus I am also mixing the occasional other gigs in the venue.  Check here to see what is on.

Playing Live:  A few gigs with Empire Blues popping up, last night at the Perth Blues Club was a great gig.

Radio Show:  Coming up for the 30 years on radio this year, my weekly show of Western Australian music is on every Monday Night 6pm to 9pm, Radio Fremantle 107.9fm the shows facebook page is here.

In the Studio & Live

I have been really busy over the last couple of months:

I just finished a Month doing sound, stage and running about for the Gyuto Monks of Tibet,  The highlight for me was having the pleasure of mixing the show at the Fremantle Town Hall, the Gyuto Monks were joined on stage with opera singer Heather Lee and musician Kin Cunio.  They had recorded an album with the monks in Brisbane and performed album tracks live.

After a few weeks off doing the monks tour I am back at the Fly By Night club on Wednesdays mixing sound for  the Gaslight Club gigs, a great venue Link.

MSJ are in the studio at the moment recording the tracks fro the live show coming up.
Kathy Carver, recording an album of favourite country songs.
Mark Edwards, recording an album of original material.
Graham Shultz, mixing tracks for his album

Gigs coming up with blues band Empire Blues & folk group Bluegum.

In the Studio and Live

I realised that it's been a while since I posted on the site, so an update of what I am up to.

Graham Schultz: The project is back on track, Graham experienced a failure of his recording gear and has been waiting for the warranty replacement to come through, which it finally has, so we mixed a few more tracks last week.

George Ghasseb: tracked some guides for a CD project, but now his uni studies are in the way so hopefully the project will carry on at a later date.

The Urban Cowboy: We have been working on a new single, but due to everyones commitments and availability the project missed the release deadline, hopefully it can be finished off at a later date.

Mark Edwards: We have started tracking a new album with Mark Edwards, we can't believe it has been 10 years since we recorded the last album!

Me as a sound engineer:  As well as the studio work I have been doing some live mixing around the place, mostly every Wednesday at the Gaslight Club (in the Fly Trap), and the Fly by Night Club, see whats on at these venues via the Fly By Night site.

Me as Musician: Been doing some great gigs with Empire Blues, also occasionally standing in on Bass with Lez Karski, and some bush band gigs on upright Bass with Bluegum.

Empire Blues (Acoustic, well kind of) at Rodney's Bait N Tackle Bar

In the Studio - Graham Schultz

Graham can into the studio to mix a recording he did at home.  The project was recorded on a Tascam DP32 and the files exported to a USB stick.  I mixed this project on the computer as transferring the files to my MX2424 and mixing in analog would have been more time consuming.

The Mix worked out well, Graham had done a good job of recording and the mix can together quickly.

Update: after listening to the finished song Graham re-recorded the vocals and some guitar and this replaced the old takes in the mix and the song was finished.  We then went on to mix a second song.

Back from Holiday

I have been away for 5 weeks overseas in India, and as such have not been doing any work at the studio.  However I am back now and looking for some new projects.

Playing out live - Empire Blues

I don't usually post about my band Empire Blues, but last weekend we played 3 shows at the Blues At Bridgetown festival.  Great fun, and received very well by the large crowds.  I did suffer a little festival throat by the Sunday show but I just sounded more Bluesy LOL.

In the Studio -MSJ Productions

Regular studio clients MSJ Productions were in for 3 days to record the backing tracks for the big end of year show.  A few late nights and all the tracks were finished in time for the full rehearsals.

In the Studio _ Sally Hegotule

Sally was back in the studio recording a new CD this week. As Sally is used to busking we always record the performance completely live and as such we often record the whole album in a 10 hour day.  This album has 12 songs and we finished the recording and mixing on the Saturday, I popped back to the studio Sunday and did the mastering, the CD is now ready for production.

In The Studio - Dirt Walkers

The band Dirt Walkers were in the studio Wednesday and Thursday nights to record a demo.  We recorded 7 songs completely live and after the recording was finished we decided to mix 6 of the takes for the demo CD, all mixing and mastering was completed late Thursday night.

In The Studio - Nola Formentin & Dave Taylor

Old friends Nola & Dave came into the studio this week to lay down some tracks for a future fundraising CD.  We put the guitar and vocals down for 1 song and guitar for another, earlier in the week Nola did some draft vocals for a new version of an old song from their Clarion CD which I recorded about 20 years ago, looking forward to the finished version of that song.

Dave on the Guitar

In the Studio - Alan Muir

Alan can into the studio this week to record 7 songs for an album.  The tracks are mostly acoustic guitar and vocals with some extra backing vocals and guitar.  There is also some extra band tracks that were recorded some time ago which we are going to master and put on the album.

Recording was completed last night and mixing has started, the schedule is for the album to be finished by early next week.

In the Studio - Dance Central

Dance Central popped into the studio last week to compile the dance tracks for 3 shows at John Curtin performing Arts Theatre on the 19th & 20th.  This involves editing multiple songs into the show order so that the different shows and sections of each show can flow seamlessly.  Another thing I had to edit is the volume of various tracks from different sources so that the volume was consistent throughout the show. A big nights work of editing.

In the Studio - MSJ Productions

MSJ Productions were in the studio 2nd 3rd and 4th recording the backing tracks to the shows on the 13th at the Regal Theatre and the 19th at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.  There were plenty of voices in the chorus lines and we recorded in groups up to 10 at a time with up to 40 vocal parts in some tracks.

All recording was done over 2 nights with the mixing being done after and on the 3rd day, very under the pump sessions due to my own gig schedules and bookings and the timetable for rehearsals at MSJ.

In the studio - Laurie Mansell

After a long break, Laurie is back in the studio with the ongoing album project.  We have been reworking some of the old material, replacing drum tracks, bass parts , adding keys and some extra vocals.  So far we have spend 4 sessions on the recording and we hope to have it mixed next week so that Laurie can take the mixes to the US with him for mastering.

In the Studio - update

Urban Cowboy Band: We have finished recording and mixing the "Power Play" single which has been sent to Mark Hallman in the US for mastering.  Download release will be available shortly.
Here is a teaser for the upcoming release, Link

MSJ: Came in this week to record 9 tracks, the kids are doing some shopping centre gigs over the school holidays and re needed to record the backing vocals over the backing tracks so they could be dancing without being miced up.

In the Studio - Urban Cowboy Band

We were back in Sunday to track Guitars and Vocals, plus some Hammond.
Here is a pic of Andrew trying to decipher the 1st half of Tom's charts for the song LOL, yes this is only the first of the 18 sheets of music.

In the Studio - Urban Cowboy Band

Rod & Tom have been working on a new song "Power Play" set for release in July / August. We had guide guitar, Vocals recorded last week and on Saturday we got the drums and bass recorded. Guitar tracks will be completed over the coming weeks.

Andrew Shaw recording the drum tracks

In the Studio - No Limits

The cover band No Limits was in the studio last Sunday to record a demo.  We recorded 5 songs completely live, all instruments and vocals, and mixed later in the afternoon.  A full days work and a quick demo.

In the Studio - Mike Cardy

Over the last week and a half we have been mixing the album, 14 songs.  All should be complete soon and then onto mastering.  The music will be available soon for download or on CD here. The new album is called "Frank Conversation".

In the Studio - Noel McClumpha

Noel was in during last week and over the weekend to record a new single (2 songs).  Wednesday night we tracked a guide guitar, guide vocal and a final bass track (by yours truly), Thursday night Andy Smith (VHS rehearsal rooms, the Suntones) then came in and played drums.

On the Saturday we recorded the final guitars, an acoustic guitar, keyboards (yours truly again) and the final vocals. Mixed a version of each song and finally went home to bed LOL.

Sunday we did some further mix versions including a couple of different arrangements, and mastered the songs.

Noel out live: