Update time

Bruce Gilbert:  The album has been mixed, mastered and is ready for release, details to follow.

Brian Murry:  A new project has kicked off with Brian bringing in recordings done on a zoom mult-track at home.  The idea is to mix and master the tracks in the studio.

Mixing Live shows:  I am still mixing at the Gaslight Club every Thursday.

Playing Live:  Been playing with Empire Blues, recently did a gig in Albany at the entertainment centre, what a great venue.  Also played at the Perth Blues Club.  Find future gigs here 

Update time

In the Studio

Bruce Gilbert:  Tracking has been completed and mixing has started, 2 songs down so far.

Rotunda:  Shaun contacted me the other day, I had recorded his band Rotunda 20 years ago and he wanted to recover the vocals from one of the songs so they could make a new arrangement.  Out came the 16 track tape machine and luckily the tape was stored with me (properly) and it was Emtec which is the best lasting of the brands.  It was interesting to hear it after all these years.

Out Live:

I have been mixing the Gaslight Club every Thursday, now at the new venue upstairs at Ronnie Nights   I have been using my own mixer, QSC Touchmix16 with the house PA, the QSC lets me mix out in the room via Ipad, the house mixer is stuck at the side of stage.  Good house PA, Nexo PS10's out front and QSC foldback, small but plenty for this room.

Live Playing:

Been playing with my usual band Empire Blues, also did a St Patrick's Day gig with David Hyams which meant a crash course in Jigs and Reels LOL.

In the Studio - update

I have been reasonably busy over the Christmas new year period:

Bruce Gilbert:  Still tracking for the album with most parts now finished, we will be adding some backing vocals and a few other things in the next couple of weeks, mixing will then get underway.

Mark Edwards:  Was visiting from Sweden for a few days so we tracked all remaining vocals and my bass parts.  Mark is now back in Sweden so I will be mixing and sending him files of the finished album.  The album has been a slow process due to Mark moving to Sweden to take up a new job which slowed recording to a crawl, but the end is now in sight.

Lena Traikovska:  I have been recording singing students of Lena Traikovska, they are recording demos so that they can apply for positions, for family and friends, or just to have a record of how they are going generally.


In the studio:

Bruce Gilbert:  We are currently working on Bruce's album which has been developing along the way.  I have been playing bass and keys on the album, and Les Karski has been adding some guitar.  A very interesting album of cross cultures.

MSJ:  Have been in recording songs fro the end of year concert, worked a couple of long nights and a day but all finished ready for the show.

Neil Simpson: recorded vocals for a forthcoming album which Neil is putting together at home.  We will mix the album in the future.

Dance Central:  Edited various backing tracks into a live show production backing track for dance.

Out Live:

West Coast Blues:  PA and mixing supplied for the gig at the Navy Club Freo

Fly By Night Club:
                               Benefit for Chris Wilson, (multi band gig).
                               The Jook Joint Band plus supports.

Fremantle Foundation:  The end of year Impact 100 presentations night where a charity is awarded funding from money raised.  My donation is doing the presentation production for free.  A worthy cause.

Portuguese Club:  Mixed a Fado night with a live band and lots of guest vocalists.

Out Live - Nessi Gomes

Last week I mixed the live sound for 2 shows by British / Porugese musician Nessi Gomes at the Fibonacci centre in Fremantle. great night and Nessi is a pleasure to work with.

In the Studio - Urban Cowboy

The new single Thunderman has been recorded, Mixed and sent off to the US for mastering by Mark Hallman.

In the Studio - August 2018

Been a while since I posted an update so here you go:

Bruce Gilbert - Over the last few weeks we have been working on an Album project, recording guide tracks and final tracks for various songs.

Urban Cowboy - is back in the studio recording the new single Thunderman. Drums have been tracked and some guitars at this stage.

Update for December & January

I thought I would update what I have been doing through December and January.


I recorded cover band Deaf Panda, they wanted a CD for Family and Fans and also a recording for prosperity.  There were 11 songs which were recorded live in the studio and we then recorded a few small overdubs to finish it off.  This was all done in 2 sessions in December and 2 more in January.

Live Mixing:

I have been doing my regular Wednesday nights at the Gaslight Club in the basement of the Fly By Night club.

I also mixed 2 great shows for the Fremantle Fenians Festival, a Thursday night at the Martine Museum for Declan O'Rourke and a Friday night for Lucky Oceans & his Gaelic Gumbo Band on the Kidogo Arthouse Lawn, both gigs were sellouts.

Lucky Oceans & his Gaelic Gumbo Band

I also mixed in the Fly By Night main room last Saturday for the Mike Burns Fundraiser.  A who's Who lineup and where in the last set the whole lineup was on stage at the same time!

Everyone trying to get on stage and get a microphone LOL

The Lineup

Playing Gigs:

In December I played 2 gigs with Jim Fisher & the Hamilton Hillbillies, and gig with the Suntones, and 2 Gigs with Empire Blues.

January it was 2 Gigs with Empire Blues (on the same day), and a gig with Bluegum (or Gluebum as we like to call it LOL).

In the Studio - MSJ Productions

MSJ have been in the studio several times over the last few months recording tracks for live shows.

In the Studio - Jook Joint Band

The Jook Joint Band have recorded a new album which has now been released, the complete album was recorded as a live performance in the studio.  Jook Joint Band

In the Studio - John Howard

John came into the studio so we could review the mix of a project he had recorded at home, shortly I will be mastering the album.

Studio & Live Update

Mark Edwards: Is returning for a couple of weeks so we are taking the chance to record some more material towards the album.

Dance Central: I edited and prepared the sound tracks for their Dance spectacular.

MSJ Productions: We are recording tonight and in 2 weeks time for the next stage show.

Live Mixing: Still at the Gaslight club each week.

Playing live: Have been doing some Empire Blues gigs, and also playing with other bands as a guest bass player.  When ever free on a Friday night playing at the acoustic jam at Clancy's Fremantle 5.30PM to 7.00PM

Radio Show: Monday nights 6pm to 9pm Radio Fremantle 107.9fm, only WA music.

My Birthday Bash:  What a big night at at Fly By Night Club, here is a short video of some of the highlights / acts on the night, link.

In the Studio, Live & Playing

I have been a bi slack at updating this page for a while so here is a quick update:

Kathy Carver:  The album has now been finished and is available to buy at Kathy's gigs.  She plays with a band called Desert Mist,

Mark Edwards:  This project is on hold as Mark is away working overseas, when he returns later in the year we are back to recording.

Carlo Monaco:  Carlo recorded an album of opera with me a few years ago, he was back to the studio for me to put together some backing tracks of music so that he could perform some live shows (hard to run around with an orchestra), a bit of editing and some key change work involved.

Live sound:  I am still mixing live sound at the Gaslight Club every Wednesday, there are great acts turning up every week, with a lot of bands embracing the more un-plugged acoustic nature of the gig and the fact that there is an audience that listens.

Playing Live:  Empire Blues have been a little quiet lately but I have been playing with a few other acts, St Patricks day was a gig to remember as I played with The Rouges, who are a "The Pogues" tribute band.  I was standing in for regular bass player Phil Bailey who was away on tour.

Radio Show:  Don't forget my weekly radio show every Monday 6pm to 9pm, "The Twilight Zone"  I only play local West Australian music, you can listen on line if you are interstate or overseas.

In the Studio & Live

Kathy Carver:  Has been recording an album of cover songs to sell at gigs.  After a false start last year due to a bad flu, the project has now been recorded and most of the mixing finished.  Mastering should happen soon.

Mark Edwards: The album is ticking along, a couple of weeks ago we did a location recording of the grand piano parts, and tracked some accordion, guitar and vocals in the studio.

In the live sound world: I am still mixing on Wednesdays at the Gaslight Club in the Fly By Night in Fremantle, plus I am also mixing the occasional other gigs in the venue.  Check here to see what is on.

Playing Live:  A few gigs with Empire Blues popping up, last night at the Perth Blues Club was a great gig.

Radio Show:  Coming up for the 30 years on radio this year, my weekly show of Western Australian music is on every Monday Night 6pm to 9pm, Radio Fremantle 107.9fm the shows facebook page is here.

In the Studio & Live

I have been really busy over the last couple of months:

I just finished a Month doing sound, stage and running about for the Gyuto Monks of Tibet,  The highlight for me was having the pleasure of mixing the show at the Fremantle Town Hall, the Gyuto Monks were joined on stage with opera singer Heather Lee and musician Kin Cunio.  They had recorded an album with the monks in Brisbane and performed album tracks live.

After a few weeks off doing the monks tour I am back at the Fly By Night club on Wednesdays mixing sound for  the Gaslight Club gigs, a great venue Link.

MSJ are in the studio at the moment recording the tracks fro the live show coming up.
Kathy Carver, recording an album of favourite country songs.
Mark Edwards, recording an album of original material.

Gigs coming up with blues band Empire Blues & folk group Bluegum.

In the Studio and Live

I realised that it's been a while since I posted on the site, so an update of what I am up to.

George Ghasseb: tracked some guides for a CD project, but now his uni studies are in the way so hopefully the project will carry on at a later date.

The Urban Cowboy: We have been working on a new single, but due to everyones commitments and availability the project missed the release deadline, hopefully it can be finished off at a later date.

Mark Edwards: We have started tracking a new album with Mark Edwards, we can't believe it has been 10 years since we recorded the last album!

Me as a sound engineer:  As well as the studio work I have been doing some live mixing around the place, mostly every Wednesday at the Gaslight Club (in the Fly Trap), and the Fly by Night Club, see whats on at these venues via the Fly By Night site.

Me as Musician: Been doing some great gigs with Empire Blues, also occasionally standing in on Bass with Lez Karski, and some bush band gigs on upright Bass with Bluegum.

Empire Blues (Acoustic, well kind of) at Rodney's Bait N Tackle Bar

In the Studio -

Back from Holiday

I have been away for 5 weeks overseas in India, and as such have not been doing any work at the studio.  However I am back now and looking for some new projects.

Playing out live - Empire Blues

I don't usually post about my band Empire Blues, but last weekend we played 3 shows at the Blues At Bridgetown festival.  Great fun, and received very well by the large crowds.  I did suffer a little festival throat by the Sunday show but I just sounded more Bluesy LOL.

In the Studio -MSJ Productions

Regular studio clients MSJ Productions were in for 3 days to record the backing tracks for the big end of year show.  A few late nights and all the tracks were finished in time for the full rehearsals.