New Recording Gear

 I am setting up a new recording system in the studio, not quite there as yet. COMING SOON LOL

Sorry if this is too technical for some but the recording tech heads will know what I'm talking about.

The system will centre around a Mac Mini M1 and a Presonus Quantum 4848.  This system will give me 32 channels in and out Analog / Digital, plus another 16 channels in / out via ADAT if required.  The system will be a direct replacement for my old Tascam MX2424's but will allow me the work flow that I love to use.  It also means that I can still mix via software or the analog console depending on whats best for the project.  It will also allow me to better use my analog rack gear during software mixing due to the large number of channels available.

I hope to have the system up and running soon after some testing.  I plan to have the old recording setup still run along side the new setup so on going work can be completed and archive work recovered.