In the Studio - update

I have been reasonably busy over the Christmas new year period:

Bruce Gilbert:  Still tracking for the album with most parts now finished, we will be adding some backing vocals and a few other things in the next couple of weeks, mixing will then get underway.

Mark Edwards:  Was visiting from Sweden for a few days so we tracked all remaining vocals and my bass parts.  Mark is now back in Sweden so I will be mixing and sending him files of the finished album.  The album has been a slow process due to Mark moving to Sweden to take up a new job which slowed recording to a crawl, but the end is now in sight.

Lena Traikovska:  I have been recording singing students of Lena Traikovska, they are recording demos so that they can apply for positions, for family and friends, or just to have a record of how they are going generally.