Studio & Live

Just a little update,


MSJ Productions were in the studio October to record the songs for the end of year show.  Yesterday I actually got along to see the show due to an unusual day off LOL.  Great show.

I also edited the show tracks for Dance Central's end of year show.

Mixing Live:

The Gaslight Club closed on the 17th Oct, which is what happens when people don't support live music, it was a shame both for Steve the organiser, myself the sound engineer and the venue who were always supportive.

I did the production for the Impact 100 Presentation night, which I do as a donation, it is a great cause.

The Portuguese Fado night, which was a full scale production.

Also a full scale production at the Peel Estate Winery for the Blues Day.

I supplied a PA and mixed the CD launch for the Saltations which was held at Fibonacci's in Fremantle.

Playing Live:

Gigs with:  Empire Blues,  The lost Travellers, and down at the Little Hawk Cafe with Dilip.