General Update

I realised that it has been a while since my last update, the COVID-19 shutdown knocked me off track for a while, I have still been doing some recording and am still open for business.

Before the shutdown I had increased my music workload in the live playing and live sound area, this just seemed to happen and was not planned, but was a happy move.  the shutdown of the music industry then took it all away.  I have started playing live again now thanks to the good situation in Western Australia whereby most live venues have reopened.

The bands I am currently playing with are, Empire Blues, The Nick Turner Conspiracy, The Charlie Carters and Dilip N the Davs.  Plus, several other bands that ring me to do stand ins.

During the shutdown I have recorded the new Empire Blues album, which will be mixed very soon.  I have also since the shutdown recorded projects by Tim Darcy, Ross DeBaker (live Gig), DADDA (film voice over) and MSJ Productions end of year show soundtrack.

If you are interested in doing some recording please contact me as I am always looking for new recording projects.