Update February

 Recent projects include:

Mike Cardy -Mike recorded an album at home and brought it in for mixing and Mastering

The Red Ochre Band - 12 song album, recorded totally live in the studio

Mike Pratt - Classical / Spanish guitar album

Other news:

The end of an era, the Witzend Studios couch has been retired and sent to the great verge collection in the sky. The couch first appeared when the studio was moved to Jarvis St in 1991 ish, came from the good Sammy’s warehouse next door. It then followed me to Hale street Beaconsfield and then to the current O’Connor studio. Many a local musician has sat or slept on it, however it is now very tired and worn out. The new (second hand) couch looks like a worthy replacement. Bye bye old faithful 😢

May be an image of sofa and indoor

May be an image of sofa and living room