Studio Prices, Contact Us & Bookings

The base rate is $90 /hr (2 hours min $180).

If a client books 10 hours, which can be 2 x 5 hour sessions, it is charged at the 10 hr day rate of $65 /hr ($650/10 hours)

Once 10 hours has been completed, all extra hours are charged at $65 /hr.

Longer projects are still charged at $65 / hr, but I tend to charge an hour or 2 less here and there as the project goes on.

The pricing includes my services as Engineer, use of all recording and outboard equipment (no extra fees), and clients that book 10 or more hours get the use of any instruments / amps that the studio has.

I also work fast (within reason) and to a budget. 

You do not have to pay a deposit when making a booking, however if you cancel a booking at least 48 hours notice is required or a cancellation fee of $100 will apply.

Unfortunately due to a few non-paying people (polite term) that have spoilt it for everyone, full payment is expected at the end of each session and before recorded material leaves the studio, unless prior arrangements have been made.  

If you would like to meet up and discuss the project please email:

      Postal Address:
      PO Box 426
      South Fremantle WA