In The Studio - Jook Joint Band

Last Saturday I recorded a live in the studio demo of the Jook Joint Band, We had a marathon 13 hour session and tracked and mixed 6 songs, with a bit of mastering on the Sunday. We had Peter: Lead Vocal / Drums (stand up), Bill: Lead Vocal / Guitar / Ukulele / washboard, Paul: Bass / backing vocal, Pas: Lead Guitar / backing vocal, Sean: Harmonica / kazoo / whistle, jug / backing vocal.

All went well, a good time had by all and hopefully the tracks will be up on the net soon.
(update 7/5/10): here is a link to the Jook Joint Band myspace and the tracks.

About the band: A potent mix of raw roots and blues jug band music scrubbed up on the washboard, soaked in sour mash whisky, stirred with the dulcet tones of uke, banjo, kazoo and harmonica and served up in a whisky jug.