In The Studio - Noel McClumpha

Noel returns after a bit of a break to record some new tracks for an EP, we spent last night putting a Vocal / Guitar guide
down to a click track. Shortly we will record the drums and bass and noel will record the final Guitar and vocal parts.

(Update 25/6/10): Noel was back in 3 nights this week. From the guide tracks 5 songs were selected to be in part 1 of the project. We then added Drums, by Andrew Smith (owns VHS rehearsal rooms, free plug), and Bass & Keys, by me, and Noel recording the final acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. All recording has been finished and mixing will start late next week.
(update 1/7/10): We finished mixing / mastering last night and in the end have 4 songs, 1 of the songs will stay in the can for a rework at a later date. Noel will upload the 4 new recordings to Noel's myspace soon.