In The Studio (Jeremy Beste) - Zeitgeist

Jeremy Beste is now also producing bands at Witzend, no I have not retired, and the 1st band he booked in was Zeitgeist.

Recently moving back to WA from NSW, the band are recording a new song plus working on a song they started a while back at other studios, some of the tracks coming from over east.  Zeitgeist describe themselves as "Long simmering on the underbelly of Australian Gothik music, Zeitgeist have trawled the gutters of music, corsets and stripclubs Down Under to fuse unlikely influences into their original music"

You can hear some of their past work on myspace.

(Update 8/10/10): Vocals have been recorded and now only some backing vocals and a few other final touches remain before mixing starts.
(Update 25/10/10): Backing vocals and some extra guitar are being recorded this week.