A quick update

There has not been an update for a while due to the fact that I had a 2 month trip overseas.

I spent 6 weeks in India visiting New Delhi, Agra and for the most part McLeod Ganj in the Himalayas.  This was followed by a 10 day visit to Germany where we stayed in Bad Münster (home of the Schwiegermutter), the retirement health town for people with breathing difficulties that has a cigarette machine on every street corner? Just to top it off, had a quick stop over in Hong Kong on the way back. So I am overcoming jet lag and the change from -10deg temps to +38deg temps this week.

(Update 24/1/11): Some of you have asked for more information about the photos:

Left: I was sitting at "Coffee Talk" Temple Rd McLeod Ganj (best coffee in town) when this cow walked past. I went to grab the camera but I was too late.  However about 2 minutes later it came back, classic India.  I know it does not look it at that moment, but Temple Rd is a busy main road in town, and yes it is the road to the Dalai Lama's temple.

Centre: Taken from McLeod Ganj, the mountain is "Moon Peak" (Mun Peak), height of 4600 mtrs (remembering I am at 2000 mtrs already), in front you can see some hills, where the dip is in the middle is the base camp, "Triund" at 2875 mtrs, I did the 5 hour each way trek to Triund, on my second last day there.

Right: Bad Münster and the cigarette machine, and yes it is cold and no my lovely wife Karla did not want any cigarettes.

And the Studio:

Jeremy was looking after the place while I was away and worked with MSJ Productions, Ned Robles, Witness and Victoria. This week we are both working with "The 4Given".