In The Studio (Alan Dawson) - Trace and the Cubes

Trace and the Cubes come in for an all day session on Sunday to record a demo of 6 songs, which turned into 7 songs as we recorded 2 different version of one of them.

The band is a little unusual as there are 3 guitar players, David Kew, Adrian Miloro and Enzo Piscitelli, and vocal, Tracy Donovan. The recording was done totally live with everyone in the room.  Everything went smooth and stress free and the by the end of the day the CD was finished.  There was some very interesting material and the guitars worked well together.

The band is plaining on recording some more material in the future and may introduce drums and bass, as Enzo also plays drums in another band.

Still have not found the camera so I will get a photo or two of the band later.