In The Studio - What's been going on

It's been a few weeks between posts so I thought I should do a general update on what has been going on:

I have been busy with some things outside the studio, a trip to Bali for a Wedding (Jaye & Wal) Link here and the Fire Dance! here,  None of the links show everyone in the pool after a few drinks but apparently it's on Facebook somewhere LOL.

I also have been getting a workshop organised for the Fairbridge Festival this coming weekend, It's the "Old Time Sing-A-Long" Saturday night, all was going smooth until a few weeks ago when the piano player Alison had a crash on her bike, broke her leg and fractured a wrist.  Fortunately her son Nic (Brow Horn Orchestra) has stepped in to play. Maybe I'll see you there.

Just before I left for Bali I mastered and album for Norma Holmes, this should be released shortly. I also did some tape to CD transfers for Mark Hutchinson, he had some very old band demos that he wanted to save.

Jeremy was in the studio again with MSJ Productions recording some more CD's for live backing. He also did some work with Ash Hendriks for his forth coming album.