In the studio (Alan Dawson) - Mantle

Last weekend Mantle were in the studio to record a 5 song demo.  The band line up is Rico Lassemo - Vocals, Andrew Vincent - Guitar & Bass, David Warrington - Drums, Mitch Slaughter, Blues harp & Additional Guitar.  The band is made up of a group of friends that play for a bit of fun, but Rico is about to leave to travel around the world so they wanted to record the original songs before she went as a memento.

There were 3 unplugged acoustic songs and these were recorded with the acoustic guitar and vocals live with a few overdubs like harp, additional guitar and backing vocals later.  The full band songs were tracked with bass and drums and the vocal and guitars added later.  All went very smooth and all 5 songs were tracked in a day.  We returned to the studio Tuesday night for mixing and mastered on Wednesday.

I hope I have talked the band into hosting the tracks on line as the results are too good to be considered a demo and the world needs to hear the songs.  I will post a link later if this happens.