In the studio - Colourblind

Had the guys from Colourblind pop in.  Colourblind were a hard working band around town in the 1990's, I worked on a few recordings with them before they moved to Sydney for a while.  The band eventually split up to go in different parts of the world but occasionally get together to do some shows.

What I had was a live of the desk recording of the guys from a show they did and His Majesties Theatre in 1994 while supporting Dave Hole. Is was doing the sound for them that night and had a portable DAT recorder with me that I plugged in.  Anyway the band had never heard the recording from that night so I ran it into the computer and did a little mastering on it, while we reminisced on the night and the shows back then.  Keep your ears out as this may be posted up on the net at some stage.