Update for December & January

I thought I would update what I have been doing through December and January.


I recorded cover band Deaf Panda, they wanted a CD for Family and Fans and also a recording for prosperity.  There were 11 songs which were recorded live in the studio and we then recorded a few small overdubs to finish it off.  This was all done in 2 sessions in December and 2 more in January.

Live Mixing:

I have been doing my regular Wednesday nights at the Gaslight Club in the basement of the Fly By Night club.

I also mixed 2 great shows for the Fremantle Fenians Festival, a Thursday night at the Martine Museum for Declan O'Rourke and a Friday night for Lucky Oceans & his Gaelic Gumbo Band on the Kidogo Arthouse Lawn, both gigs were sellouts.

Lucky Oceans & his Gaelic Gumbo Band

I also mixed in the Fly By Night main room last Saturday for the Mike Burns Fundraiser.  A who's Who lineup and where in the last set the whole lineup was on stage at the same time!

Everyone trying to get on stage and get a microphone LOL

The Lineup

Playing Gigs:

In December I played 2 gigs with Jim Fisher & the Hamilton Hillbillies, and gig with the Suntones, and 2 Gigs with Empire Blues.

January it was 2 Gigs with Empire Blues (on the same day), and a gig with Bluegum (or Gluebum as we like to call it LOL).