In the Studio, Live & Playing

I have been a bi slack at updating this page for a while so here is a quick update:

Kathy Carver:  The album has now been finished and is available to buy at Kathy's gigs.  She plays with a band called Desert Mist,

Mark Edwards:  This project is on hold as Mark is away working overseas, when he returns later in the year we are back to recording.

Carlo Monaco:  Carlo recorded an album of opera with me a few years ago, he was back to the studio for me to put together some backing tracks of music so that he could perform some live shows (hard to run around with an orchestra), a bit of editing and some key change work involved.

Live sound:  I am still mixing live sound at the Gaslight Club every Wednesday, there are great acts turning up every week, with a lot of bands embracing the more un-plugged acoustic nature of the gig and the fact that there is an audience that listens.

Playing Live:  Empire Blues have been a little quiet lately but I have been playing with a few other acts, St Patricks day was a gig to remember as I played with The Rouges, who are a "The Pogues" tribute band.  I was standing in for regular bass player Phil Bailey who was away on tour.

Radio Show:  Don't forget my weekly radio show every Monday 6pm to 9pm, "The Twilight Zone"  I only play local West Australian music, you can listen on line if you are interstate or overseas.