In the Studio & Live

Kathy Carver:  Has been recording an album of cover songs to sell at gigs.  After a false start last year due to a bad flu, the project has now been recorded and most of the mixing finished.  Mastering should happen soon.

Mark Edwards: The album is ticking along, a couple of weeks ago we did a location recording of the grand piano parts, and tracked some accordion, guitar and vocals in the studio.

In the live sound world: I am still mixing on Wednesdays at the Gaslight Club in the Fly By Night in Fremantle, plus I am also mixing the occasional other gigs in the venue.  Check here to see what is on.

Playing Live:  A few gigs with Empire Blues popping up, last night at the Perth Blues Club was a great gig.

Radio Show:  Coming up for the 30 years on radio this year, my weekly show of Western Australian music is on every Monday Night 6pm to 9pm, Radio Fremantle 107.9fm the shows facebook page is here.