In the Studio & Live

I have been really busy over the last couple of months:

I just finished a Month doing sound, stage and running about for the Gyuto Monks of Tibet,  The highlight for me was having the pleasure of mixing the show at the Fremantle Town Hall, the Gyuto Monks were joined on stage with opera singer Heather Lee and musician Kin Cunio.  They had recorded an album with the monks in Brisbane and performed album tracks live.

After a few weeks off doing the monks tour I am back at the Fly By Night club on Wednesdays mixing sound for  the Gaslight Club gigs, a great venue Link.

MSJ are in the studio at the moment recording the tracks fro the live show coming up.
Kathy Carver, recording an album of favourite country songs.
Mark Edwards, recording an album of original material.

Gigs coming up with blues band Empire Blues & folk group Bluegum.